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Letter: School offers no 'choice'

Dear Editor,

The Hudson School Board has given my family a "choice." We live in the Lighthouse division and our school boundary currently sends my eldest son to River Crest Elementary. With the proposed boundary change, our "choice" is to leave him in River Crest and my other kids will go to E.P. Rock when they start school.

This will ensure that while they are all in elementary school, my family will have to attend two different open houses, two different conference nights and will almost certainly mean we will be less involved in all my children's school activities.

Or, we can take my eldest and have him transition back to Rock. That would mean he had the stress of starting kindergarten at Rock, then transitioning to River Crest and now he would have to go back and try to assimilate in another school again, making friends and learning the expectations of another school.

There is study after study that show the more transitions a child goes through in school changes, the less adjusted and the worse they do. While I appreciate that the Hudson schools have a problem, I think someone needs to show leadership and creativity in solving this problem without giving us "choices" which tear families apart or cause kids trauma.