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Letter: Upset with school's plan

Dear Editor,

It has come to our attention that the Hudson Board of Education is proposing a boundary adjustment between River Crest and E.P. Rock in order to relieve/manage River Crest enrollment growth.

Our 8-year-old son is a second-grader at River Crest, and we have two younger daughters (ages 3 and 5). Prior to the construction of River Crest, our son attended kindergarten and first grade at Rock and felt very comfortable at that school.

Then, River Crest was built, and the board designated our residence within the boundary area of the new school. Our son went through a very (emotionally) difficult time transitioning to a different school. As a result, moving our son again (after your decision to transfer him to River Crest less than one year ago) is not an option.

In our situation, your current proposal forces us to split up our children at two different elementary schools, at two opposite ends of the city. We feel that this is unacceptable.

Children (like our daughters) depend on older siblings for a sense of security as they enter elementary school for the first time. You should not be able to take this sense of security away from them.

We feel that the School Board's current proposal is not acting in the best interests of our children or any other preschool children in the adjustment area with siblings already attending River Crest.

In addition, this proposal is too premature based on the current economic situation and the downturn in the Twin Cities housing market. The developments of Red Cedar Canyon, Heritage Greens, and The Lighthouse have the density to support the operation of River Crest. Will E.P. Rock now be at full student capacity? Will the boundaries then have to be re-adjusted again?

Even though 30 percent of the developable land is in the River Crest boundary area, how many homes will be built in the future? Has the board worked closely with the Plan Commission to determine the density of future homes in the undeveloped land? Will these be acreage lots and lower density developments? Without Red Cedar Canyon, Heritage Greens, and The Lighthouse can that density support the financial operation of River Crest?

We moved here because we were impressed with the school district. We value the sense of community that we have experienced here in the past five years. Having children in the same neighborhood forced to attend different schools damages this sense of community.

We feel that it is absolutely unacceptable to split siblings up and send them to different elementary schools. Your proposal does not give us an option that we can make work without causing emotional distress on our children.