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Letter: Upset with school rule

Dear Editor

My family shares in the concerns of many in Red Cedar Canyon as we try to assimilate the news that the school boundary lines are set to flip-flop for some of us. We have a second-grader attending River Crest this year and have several medical bills to show how traumatic the move from Rock to River Crest was. I never would, nor could have predicted, how difficult it was for him!

Needless to say, our son, and consequently our entire family, had a very difficult transition. He has settled into life at his new school with his new friends. The news that he has to move again next year is nothing short of devastating to our family!

We also have a 5-year-old daughter set to enter kindergarten in the fall. Taking two buses or dropping off at two before/after programs is simply not an option. That leaves us with putting our second-grader through yet another traumatic experience.

He now has two factors that add to the complexity: 1. Some of his best friends are grandfathered into River Crest (they are the youngest in their families, therefore will avoid another transition). 2. Some of the friends he left behind at Rock may not be there.

My hope is that you will find a way to make exceptions for (grandfather in) those of us who have children yet to enter school -- but set to enter school with an older sibling in elementary years.

The biggest frustration is not about River Crest vs. Rock (the schools, the teachers and the education we have no doubt will be exceptional in either location). Our frustration is solely about the move being forced upon an innocent 8-year-old.

Did anyone do research into this situation?

How could these numbers be news to anyone?

Are the "boundary exception" children that were accepted last year being forced out? Why would any have been accepted?

Are you even sure that by taking this action the issue will be eliminated?

Is it really going to cause an overage to allow the few families with younger siblings to play out their elementary education at River Crest?

Isn't it enough to have new neighbors entering or those not in the school system yet go to E.P. Rock? When I look around our neighborhood -- I suspect that it is at least 50 percent that will stay and 50 percent that will be forced to leave.

On behalf of our children, I beg you to reconsider.