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Letter: When will greed stop?

Dear Editor,

When will the greed or should I say the mentality of "I earned this" stop. Sure seems to me we have many gifted individuals in this country who believe for whatever reason they are better than other fellow human beings for reasons the everyday, honest hardworking person cannot comprehend.

And for that very reason they either forget or choose to ignore one of the founding principles of this country, that being a statement by Thomas Jefferson, that all men are created equal.

Sure it had its detractors back then, namely slave holders. But what the heck gives people the right to put themselves and their families above "normal citizens" today?

We read the newspapers and Internet and the past year all we seem to read about is people who do nothing but abuse their position as American citizens and extol unbelievable amounts of pain on the less informed or less advantaged.

I'm referring to Wall Street-type people and those associated with financial deals (and politicians who look the other way) that have turned this economy upside down and affected the rest of the world in a negative manner.

When I grew up we were taught to help each other. Why don't we start that now and keep the government out of that business? Seems when we ask or vote the government to help us, it winds up costing future generations. I hope any business person out there would know I am referring to the supply chain from top to bottom. That's how we will get Americans employed again by reducing greed or, as the Bible states, "forgiving debts every seven years."

But in this society I guess giving anything up appears to be unacceptable or a sign of weakness. Rome fell for some of the very same issues and problems this country faces today. So which direction will we go?

Government cannot solve the evils each man creates, only individuals can do this by looking into their hearts and making decisions that will help more than themselves. We need to become a society again, not individuals without regard for the well being of others.