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Letter: Can't blame Bush anymore

Dear Editor,

Phyllis Goldin has again reared her "blaming" writing pen against Bush and Cheney. How long will Phyllis, and people of her demur, continue to bash a president and vice president who are no longer in power?

Oh, I think I know the answer to that one. They will continue to rear hate and blame anytime they deem something that is not good to their agenda. Of course, if something good happens, in their opinion, they will reward our present commander in chief as being the one that makes us all great.

Phyllis claims that America has a "shrinkage of the middle class as more people lose employment, homes, educational opportunities, retirement benefits and health coverage." I also believe this is all true but not because I blame Bush, as Phyllis does.

How many times did former President Bush have to tell Congress that they had to pull in the reins on Fanny and Freddie Mac? Do we not have both an executive and legislative branch that still share power? However, those wonderful Congress members such as Barney Frank and Chris Dodd continued to say there was no problem.

Many of the people that were granted home loans should never have qualified. Who pays now? The people that pay now will be the people like me who still work, pay their taxes and believe in the American Dream. Why don't we have term limits for our legislative branch as we do with our executive branch? Some of these Congress members have not lived in the "real world" since they were elected too many years ago.

If now is the time we are all supposed to work together, let's stop the blaming and start educating ourselves on what is really going on.