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Letter: Offers advice to pet owners

Dear Editor,

It's always nice to read a letter from someone watching out for the best interests of others. In last week's letter "If pet lost, get moving!" Amy Thurston impressed upon readers they need to act fast when a pet goes missing.

That is true. Time is critical when locating a lost pet, but your readers also need to know that animals brought to Animal Humane Society facilities are not imposed with a time limit. That includes the Woodbury facility mentioned in Thurston's letter.

The Animal Humane Society in Woodbury serves as an impound holding facility for many Wisconsin communities. Please call this facility and your local municipality if you are looking for a lost animal. We enable hundreds of animals every year to be reunited with their families.

When we receive stray animals from Wisconsin, they are put on a seven-day hold. This hold allows the owner time to locate their missing pet. Animals not claimed after the hold period begin the process of being evaluated for adoption. We do not impose time limits on animals in our adoption centers. They remain with AHS until they are adopted.

We also microchip each animal adopted out of our facilities. We do this to ensure that should one of them go missing after adoption, they can be scanned when found and returned to their owner immediately.

Thousands of animals make their way home each year because of this technology, and we encourage your readers to consider microchipping their pet(s) if they haven't already. This service is provided by many animal welfare organizations, including veterinary offices and Animal Humane Society.

Janelle Dixon, Minneapolis

President & CEO, Animal Humane Society