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Letter: Has 'inside' information

Dear Editor,

The nature of politics is such that the public is rarely able to formulate their opinion based on all of the facts. The case of the school boundary line issue is no exception.

Unfortunately, misinformation exists in the Hudson schools, under the noses of the School Board and the public. As in many of these cases, the courage of a few involved is often the only chance at truth. Here is some of what has been uncovered.

It was always known that 500 children would attend River Crest. What isn't known is that to create an image of the school, the school recruited students outside the boundary lines and succeeded in enrolling approximately 40. The current population of River Crest is 541 students. What isn't known is that there was no unexpected growth and that the school instructed staff not to give this information to anyone.

What is known is that there is room for expansion onto River Crest. What isn't known is that there are currently allocated funds to pay for this and it could be easily ready by the fall.

What is "known" is that 24/24 rooms are being "used" at River Crest. What isn't known is that there are many rooms that could be used more efficiently. For example, the minimally used orchestra room could be part of the other two music rooms. There is also a large unused space in the back of the library.

What is known is that three rooms are dedicated to early childhood classes. What isn't known is that there are only 21 students using these three large rooms that could be modified (i.e. with a room divider).

What may be known is that there will be $24K (+$8K/year) spent on an electronic data system to eliminate paper and reduce man hours. What isn't known is that the "image" of being green is more important to the school than the emotional stability and needs of the taxpayers who pay for the school and their salaries.

What is known is that there is a space concern at River Crest; what isn't known is that there are viable options to eliminate that concern.

With this information, I would urge the School Board to go tour River Crest, talk to the people who work their everyday, or even parents. Please make an informed decision, not one based on what has been told to you by a few with an agenda, but one based on our children's and neighborhood's best interest in mind.