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WI AFL-CIO President responds to Feb. 16 article

Your February 16th article "Debate heats up over proposed bill to eliminate secret union ballots" is inaccurate. The Employee Free Choice Act does not eliminate secret ballots.

Workers have always been able to form unions in two ways: through a National Labor Relations Board sponsored-election or through a majority sign-up process. Currently, however, the company gets to choose how workers form their union. This legislation would put that choice back in workers' hands. What could be more democratic?

This debate isn't really about secret ballots because big businesses aren't interested in defending workers' rights. When more workers are denied the right to form a union, fewer corporations pay fair wages and benefits and fewer workers can stand up for their rights without fear of repercussions. That's the way it is now, and that's how corporations like it.

But an economy built on income inequality "where CEOs have all the power and working families do not share the benefits of economic growth and do not have money to spend or save"is not an economy that can succeed.

That's the problem we're seeing now. There has not been greater income inequality between the wealthy and working people at any point since the Great Depression. The Employee Free Choice Act will help restore the middle class and create an economy that works for everyone.