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Letter: Should have built it right

Dear Editor,

I am writing this because I am a concerned mother of three. I have issues with the fact that this School Board wants to make these kids move again when a school has not even been open a year.

Now I have an 8-year-old, 6-year-old and a 5-year-old that will start school in the fall. Now I want to say that they built this new school (River Crest Elementary) for these kids that they moved last year.

My thing with the school being built is that they left off nine classrooms at the school so at a later date they could build them. Well, it cost more to put them on now and they should have been added to begin with. If they had been built originally, we would not have this problem of the School Board wanting to move these kids around all over again.

It's not fair for these families and the community. They should have thought about this when they were building this school and we would not have this problem at all. It is not right to have to keep moving these kids around and to keep having to explain to them that they have to leave all their friends and everything else because our School Board keeps making mistake after mistake. They just need to finish building those nine classrooms that they left off in the first place.