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Letter: Commends the board

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Hudson School Board, for listening! You heard the parents' concerns loud and clear at the Feb. 10 board meeting, where you approved a motion to postpone a decision on the River Crest boundary area.

After last Tuesday's meeting, I am confident that the administration is going to vote in favor of solutions that will:

  • Effectively manage future growth by assigning new families in a proposed area to attend E.P. Rock;
  • Minimize the burden on current River Crest families, many of whom were instrumental (through volunteering and fund-raising) in getting River Crest where it is today;
  • Minimize the number of students affected and displace the fewest families instead of mandating such significant changes after just one year;
  • Relieve over-crowding only where it exists today. Over-crowding at River Crest is an issue in two grades this year, specifically kindergarten and second grade. This could be relieved by adding two classrooms onto River Crest (a tax neutral solution using funds already available for construction costs), by holding a lottery to move a pre-determined number of students from these two grades, or by significantly narrowing the proposed boundary adjustment area.

    Rather than make a broad boundary adjustment during River Crest's first year in operation, the board is willing to give this new school some time before acting on a decision. It's a smart call.

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