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Letter: Don't need River Crest addition

Dear Editor,

The time is now to stand up for what is right! At last week's School Board meeting, they reviewed options for eliminating overcrowding at River Crest Elementary. After listening to tearful pleas of 10 parents, the board is seriously considering adding on to River Crest to make 45 children happy.

Rock Elementary has plenty of room for the additional students. You all know that we have space needs at the high school and middle school. You deserve better! We have half a million dollars left over from fund balance dollars in the budget for River Crest -- all of the referendum monies were spent. That half million could be better spent, don't you think?

It is my challenge to each one of you to (a) communicate this to every student and/or parent in the district that does not want to see an addition to a new elementary, rather to spend the money (at some wise point in the future) on secondary space needs and (b) most importantly send an e-mail to the board at by Feb. 26, telling them not to spend more money on the elementary!

Be aware the board is scheduled to take action in March.