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Letter: Upset with board

Dear Editor,

Just recently I received a mailing from the school district. This mailing, costing $5,000 and written by a former board member now costing us $80,000 a year, touted the fiscal conservatism of our district. If that's not enough to anger the average hardworking taxpayer, then the most recent action by our big spending School Board might be.

Just last week the School Board debated the so-called overcrowding situation at River Crest Elementary. The same parents who helped pass an unnecessary tax increase stood before the board pleading that the board not redistrict their children, while at the same time classrooms in other schools are sitting empty. Even by the board's own capacity guidelines, we are only 80 percent full across the district.

Amazingly, our School Board listed adding onto River Crest Elementary as one of the options to consider! Just the fact that the board is considering such a ludicrous option should outrage everyone who pays taxes into this system.

Why does our board have this option available to them? Because they have already stolen these funds from us through over taxation and feel that it is their right to waste it on such a harebrained idea. We're talking about $500,000 to do this, plus the additional personnel that will be needed.

So maybe this is a good time for Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten to come clean with the taxpayers and explain how the district filled that entire school with children and teachers for an amazingly low-quoted cost of $800,000.

There's nothing conservative about the spending proclivities of our Hudson School Board. And this latest debacle is just one example of many to prove that.