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Letter: Didn't like added info

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing my letter in regard to our state legislators giving themselves a 5.3% wage increase (Star-Observer, Feb. 19). As you well know, the point of my remarks was not the amount of compensation legislators receive, but the fact they gave themselves an increase at the same time as they will be cutting jobs and decreasing salaries for so many others.

This is in stark contrast to the Minnesota legislator's proposal to take a 5 percent decrease in salary as a symbolic and meaningful gesture during these severe economic times.

Since you felt compelled to add specific salary information to my letter (in an editor's note), I wonder why you chose not to provide all of the information? The annual compensation for legislators for 2009-2010 session is $49,943 plus a per diem allowance of $88 (which averages to $11,500 annually), in addition to getting reimbursed for all travel expenses. This for a part-time job.