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Letter: Boundary is concern

Dear Editor,

We are the parents of three young children. Our oldest child is 6 years old and is currently attending Kindergarten at River Crest. We live in the Lighthouse neighborhood inside of the area that is impacted by the proposed school boundary change.

Under the current recommendation our son would be switched to Rock Elementary next year as he has preschool siblings. This change would mean a difficult transition for him. The majority of his friends do not live within the impacted area and he has become very attached to the school, teachers and Camp St. Croix. At the same time we recognize that Hudson is a growing district and that change will be needed to support this growth.

If the decision is made that this switch is the best option for the entire school district, then we will support it and do all we can to make our son's transition to Rock successful. However, please don't come to us next year or two years from now and ask our children to make another change. This decision needs to be made to fix the situation and it should last. This decision should not be a band aid that needs to be changed again in the near future.

Our children need stability; they need to be given the opportunity to become a part of a school, to feel ownership and pride in their grade and class. These things can't be grown if they are constantly uprooted because the neighborhood they live in happens to be on the edge of a boundary.

We challenge the school board to find this solution. Don't push the overcrowding of one school into another and force another change on our children in the next few years. Our children deserve the best school experience we, as a community, can possibly give them. What we do now, and the choices we make, will impact our children for years to come.