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Letter: Has thoughts on boundaries

Dear Editor,

Here's the reality of the River Crest boundary line situation. Four subdivisions involved take up only 24 percent of the total student population at River Crest. Simple math will tell us that if we move most of those students out of River Crest and send them to Rock this would raise the Rock population to 97 percent while lowering RiverCrest to 72 percent.

To justify this, a study was presented to the board, claiming that since East Red Cedar Canyon homes are worth more than Heritage Greens homes, they would ultimately yield more students. The public property tax record shows clearly that this is not true. The Heritage Greens homes are on average valued higher than those in East Red Cedar Canyon.

Therefore, according to their research the home/child ratio will ultimately be higher in Heritage Greens. Currently, East Red Cedar Canyon shows a higher home/child ratio but that is simply because it is more than 90 percent complete, while nearly 60 percent of single family lots in Heritage Greens remain undeveloped, with mass multi-family housing now being brought into the future plans.

What is true is that the potential for growth/unexpected growth is clearly highest in Heritage Greens and to suggest otherwise is just simply fudging the numbers.

The need for a possible addition to the school seems to be a great long term solution in this situation. Therefore, temporarily capping the existing developments and allowing those who have been living here to continue to go to River Crest would make the most sense.

The existing families living in these developments have been there, they are not new. Future growth is most unpredictable with future development not with existing homes. A cap would send future development and those who moved into the area since the cap to Rock. We need to acknowledge that continuing to go back and forth from one elementary to another will do more harm than good, so let's try and alleviate future problems with solutions that make the most sense for everyone!