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Letter: No democracy with schools

Dear Editor,

I was informed that on the evening of March 10, the Hudson School Board voted quickly and unanimously to approve the recommendation to, once again, re-zone the elementary school boundaries.

What is shocking about this is the fact that the members of the School Board are our elected officials, and like any other elected board, we elect them to represent us, the people. Over the past several months, the people (parents) have made it very clear what they wanted and expected from their elected officials on the School Board. And what does the board do? They vote exactly the opposite of what the people (parents) wanted.

They should be ashamed of themselves, especially the School Board president, who should be pressed to resign. One effect of this vote is to open up the school district to litigation that does nothing but cost the taxpayers more money. The sad thing is they will revisit this same issue again in three to five years.

I for one urge everyone to do everything in their power to unseat these board members come next election. I for one know that I will do everything possible to see that it happens.