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Letter: Johnson is St. Joe choice

Dear Editor,

I'd like to acknowledge the St. Joseph Planning Commission, especially Chair Ben Heuiser, for the excellent presentation he made on our town's development ordinance last Wednesday night at the Town Hall.

I know there are strong feelings on this issue but it's important that we all have thorough and accurate information if we are to find a resolution to some of the residents' concerns. That is exactly what they did and it is very much appreciated.

Enough ink has been spent regarding the pros and cons of this ordinance over the last few weeks in this paper, so let me just make a few points.

1. St. Joe is a beautiful town located in the fastest growing county in our state.

2. It is the proper role of the Town Board, empowered by the citizens who elected them, to plan for and manage this growth.

3. The Comprehensive Town Plan and the subsequent Subdivision Ordinance are two valuable tools that can be used to do just that.

4. St. Joe needs strong and experienced leadership to handle this ongoing process.

That's why I will be supporting Theresa Johnson for town chair in the upcoming election next Tuesday. I often wonder why anybody would actually want to be in this position. The personal commitment it takes, the time required, the patience needed to deal with misinformation, anger and attacks on one's character. Theresa has shown over the past six years that she has all that and more. For that commitment and leadership, I'm grateful.

I urge all my neighbors to be sure to go vote on April 7 and then stay involved in the civic life of our community. I hope to grow old here and I don't want to be haunted by thoughts of, "If only we had planned ahead..."