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Letter: Backs 'dad' in town of Hudson election

Dear Editor,

In anticipation of the April 7 elections for the town of Hudson, I thought it appropriate to recommend my dad, Todd Mullinax, for one of the town supervisors.

I believe that Todd Mullinax is an excellent choice for a supervisor, not just because he's my dad but because I believe in him. I have faith that he will remain politically proactive and frugal in his spending because he faithfully exemplified these qualities while I was growing up.

My dad has a wealth of wisdom and insight to bring to the table concerning necessary change and improvements for the town of Hudson. Just as our new president spoke of America's need for "change," I too think change will be good for the town of Hudson, not because the current leadership is bad, but because it is a healthy decision to introduce "new blood."

This would be especially healthy for the town since some of the current leadership has been serving for three decades.

Adding my dad's "new blood" to the mix will prove to be a great benefit since I know he will fight for issues concerning other town members and will help produce a welcoming atmosphere for all. I encourage people to join me in voting for Todd Mullinax on April 7. Your electoral investment in him will be a wise decision!