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Letter: Answers Ostby letter charge

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter from Connie Ostby last week, a statement was not accurate: You stated that the December meeting was the first meeting I "ever" attended.

For the record, I have attended many town meetings in the 11 years I have lived here. My first town meeting was many years ago when the Town Board was passing a zoning ordinance that would allow adult entertainment in our township. I have attended many pertinent town meetings subsequently relating to various concerns I have had.

The November meeting last fall is the meeting where I first questioned the board on overall salary expenses, not the December meeting, as you have stated. I do not recall you being at that meeting, or any of the other meetings I attended other than December. I do remember greeting you in December when I sat close to you.

You seem like a very nice person, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that since we didn't know each other before that meeting you maybe didn't realize who the people were in attendance.

Which brings up a very good point that I should thank you for bringing to my attention. One of my campaign issues on my platform is to have a friendlier Town Hall. One way is by trying to get to know the residents of our great community.

As a town supervisor I will pledge to be a welcoming contact at Town Hall for all the citizens. Thank you also Connie for bringing attention to the published meeting notes. I did quite often try to find the meeting minutes from monthly town meetings, but until just the last couple months they were never posted on the town Web site.

The only other way to get published minutes would have been to go to Town Hall and request them. I believe our hall hours should be more conducive to our citizens' work schedules.

Finally, Connie, I want to thank you for also pointing out the 50 years of service the existing board and its candidates have to this community. We thank them for their service. However, I am a firm believer in term limits.

This election is all about salaries of town employees. It is the taxpayers' money and we need to be good stewards. Vote for us on April 7; your hard-earned tax dollars will be used wisely.