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Letter: Challengers get support

Dear Editor,

I have had the pleasure to serve on the town of Hudson Planning Commission with both Gregg White and Dave Bartizal and to see them work with the other members and with the public attending the meetings.

They are extremely respectful. They listen to different opinions and take all comments into consideration when making decisions. When asked to make recommendations on new ordinances or to modify existing ordinances they always take in to consideration the impact on the town and the residents of the town.

They, along with Todd Mullinax, have been leaders in many community organizations supporting our local residents. Todd is an independent business owner that serves our community and surrounding communities. He is an avid volunteer for charitable organizations.

These gentlemen understand budgeting, the value of the dollar and were well tuned into the developing economic conditions in late 2008 and as it affects us now and will in the future.

Dave Bartizal, Gregg White and Todd Mullinax have pledged to serve everybody residing in the town of Hudson from a neutral and non-partisan platform. These gentlemen are very capable leaders and will be an asset to the community in guiding it in the future.

I highly recommend and support these candidates.