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Letter: Supports Abrahamson

Dear Editor,

There is an important Supreme Court election on April 7. Incumbent Shirley Abrahamson has spent 32 years as a public servant to the state of Wisconsin and was the first woman to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She has been our chief justice for the Supreme Court for the last 12 years and is nationally recognized as one of the nation's "Great (Top 100) Judges."

She received that honor not only for being a great legal scholar, but also because she has helped to develop innovative programs to provide legal assistance for veterans and people who cannot afford lawyers, to establish victim impact panels and to promote mortgage mediation.

Justice Abrahamson is the person behind the "traveling justice program" you may have heard of -- she brings the Supreme Court judges to every county in our state, on a rotating basis, and hears local cases in our courtrooms, inviting students and community members to attend, so people understand how the justice system works. She listens to community members, trying to learn of ways to make the courts more accessible and accountable to those she serves.

Justice Abrahamson has been an awesome leader for our highest court and for our judicial system. She takes the time to review the facts, the law and the merits of each case, and reaches a decision based on those factors, not on pre-conceived ideology or politics. That's why she has the support of law enforcement and trial court judges, district attorneys and defense attorneys, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and business owners and families across Wisconsin.

Please don't forget to vote on April 7. We need leaders like Shirley Abrahamson!