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Letter: HHS play has message

Dear Editor,

The Hudson High School's current production of Celeste Raspanti's Holocaust play "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" is an emotional event not to be missed.

The ambitious subject matter is strengthened by the bold seating arrangement, which places the audience directly in a constructed Czech ghetto.

Through strong performances by all students involved, particularly Katie Crimmins, Ari Schultz and Amara Treuenfels, an essential piece of history is revisited in a format intended to educate and inform.

Theresienstadt, aka Therezin, was a camp housing many educated and artistic Jews from Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria. The Nazis used it as a showpiece in order to mask the atrocities being committed there and elsewhere. The adults held there insisted on continuing the education of the thousands of children also interred. By incorporating curriculum into theater productions, they were able to circumvent the Nazis' orders and continue schooling the children.

Despite their unimaginably dire circumstance, the prisoners of Therezin declared there to be beauty in the world; this beauty was preserved in the drawings the children produced. By choosing to perform this play, director Denise Baker offers an education to the students involved who in turn give audience members a genuinely moving experience.

Remaining showtimes are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday with the final show at 2 p.m. Sunday.