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Letter: Has issues with insurance

Dear Editor,

I recently received a lesson in the cold, calculated world of insurance. In over 40 years of home ownership, my mother made her first homeowners insurance claim as a result of a small fire started by an unattended candle. I told her not to bother, what would they actually do besides replace the table and clean the rug (of course I'm also the one who encouraged her to invest heavily in Enron and corner the market on the Sham-Wow).

Quicker than Congress handing out TARP funds, the service company had the whole house in boxes, the curtains to the cleaners and the carpeting ripped up and piled in a dumpster strategically placed just outside the front door. That's the way it stayed for the next 80 days.

When they finally returned with the carpet and paint, hung the curtains, and removed the eye-catching dumpster from in front of the door, day 100 had arrived. Basically the job was about 10 days of actual labor.

The company has yet to pay the full claim or answer any correspondence as to when they will. They did, however, take the time to inform my mother that they were dropping her and she would have to seek insurance elsewhere.

Amazing, a person buys a product that you cannot see, touch or put in your pocket and basically is paying for peace of mind, then wants to use said product and is told to look elsewhere. They will sell you their insurance as long as you never want to use it. That's like buying a car and leaving it at the dealership.