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Letter: Wants to save train

Dear Editor,

Did you see the article in the April 9 edition of the Hudson Star Observer about Bob Dabruzzi's 800-square-foot model train layout of Hudson in the 1950s and early '60s?

I was so impressed with the photos depicting the detail and magnitude of Bob's project, and also so distressed about the dismantling of it, that I boldly went to see him to ask if he would show it to me. Bob and Linda live in a beautifully converted warehouse behind Barkers.

Although he had already taken down many of the buildings, trains and most of the people - all stored away in boxes - he welcomed my husband and me to see what remained. There were thousands of realistic, hand-made trees rising from a landscape complete with authentic rock-face and fallen logs, as well as a perfect miniature of the Hudson arch, the dam, bridges, the depot the way it use to be, and so much more. You just can't imagine what this guy has accomplished in the 18 years he's put into this project until you see it! And here's the best part: Bob wants to give it to all of us for free!

Let me tell you, fellow citizens of Hudson, we would be very remiss to let this perfect replica of our city and our history slip from our grasp. As a lifelong educator, I can't imagine that we would give up such a unique treasure -- one that our students, indeed all of us, could benefit from experiencing. All we need is a place to set it up.

Let's hop on board together and save this treasure so we can all see the trains rolling again through historic Hudson! Contact Bob if you have any ideas. He's in the phone book.