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Letter: Reflects on Claire, Betty

Dear Editor,

As a former (retired) employee of Erickson Oil Products and I feel a long-time friend of Claire and Betty Lou Erickson, I would like to relate on an employee-employer relationship.

After 23 plus years with the firm and hired by Mr. Erickson, our relationship was pretty solid. Whenever we were preparing to open a new store and there was landscaping to be done, who would be there with rake or a roll of sod but Mr. Erickson. Claire was just one of the employees and appreciated our hard work.

As a member of management, we would work more than a 60-hour week. He would show his appreciation by fishing trips to Lake Michigan, hunting trips to So. Dakota or taking us to dinner. Fair? Yes he was and it was greatly appreciated.

Many times Claire and Betty Lou would come to our home for a Viking football game with other guests in Hudson. Also, before and after retirement to our lake home in Amery, Wis., for a ride on the pontoon, relaxing afternoon and dinner. Betty Lou, with her winning smile! How could you help but love them both.

Two wonderful and loving people that will be dearly missed. I love you, Claire and Betty Erickson.