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Letter: Mock crash was good

Dear Editor,

This past week the SADD group at Hudson High School sponsored a Mock Crash for students in grades 10-12. The mock crash was made possible because of many volunteers in our community. We would like to especially acknowledge the Hudson EMS, Fire and Police Departments, Hudson Hospital, Life Link, Judge Howard Cameron and O'Connell Funeral Home for their time and support. Alwins Towing, Brickhouse Music, St. Patricks Church, Green Mill Restaurant, Sub House as well as countless Hudson High School staff and students who also contributed their time and resources to make the 2009 Mock Crash a success.

For those who criticize that the Mock crash was a waste of a school day, we truly believe you should have seen the impact this day had on the students and staff at Hudson High School.

We believe just as you do not have to attend church every Sunday to be religious, you do not have to sit in a desk while at school to learn.

Although the cost to the school district for the mock crash was minimal (under $300) it was paid for by the SADD group through a fund raising event.

We are fortunate because all of the services used for the mock crash were donated. We do understand the cost of the EMT and Fire Departments portion of the day does come from tax payer funds, we also now understand they use this day as an actual training experience.

If we did not host this mock crash they would need to do this type of training at an even higher cost because of the donations we received. We find ourselves more confident in knowing that these emergency crews take these trainings very serious and learn from what worked and improve on things that did not.

We are confused why anyone living in this community would criticize these brave volunteers taking this opportunity to practice using the equipment that could someday save a life.

In closing, for those parents who chose to give your student a day off of school rather than hearing the message, we hope you have taken some time to talk about the effects of drinking and driving with them.

Although most parents have talked about the dangers of drinking and driving, watching a mock accident where two classmates die and being a part of a funeral and trial is something a conversation cannot cover, we know this is a vision that will remain with us forever.

Can you really ever hear the message enough?

We are truly saddened that so many of our classmates choose not to attend school and support the message of not drinking and driving. We think the SADD group with the support of the community did a great thing on April 15 and for those students who made the right choice by attending school, thank you for your respect throughout the day and your gratitude for the hours of hard work put into making this happen.