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Letter: Pay prevailing wage to state

Dear Editor,

It may seem like a bold act that the majority of our City Council members stood up to the state and said "no" to paying the prevailing wage for state government funded projects. However, my impression is that it seems wrong and possibly hypocritical.

Who among our council members can say that they don't expect to be paid at least the prevailing wage for whatever work they do? Who among them would provide large amounts of money to fund someone else's project and/or purchase and not expect to have a say in how it is spent?

It concerns me that all but one of our City Council members didn't recognize that paying a fair and prevailing wage is good for the community, and good for the members of our community and surrounding communities who will receive it. I'm also concerned they don't understand that by accepting outside funding you also have to accept conditions imposed by the provider.

There's a simple filter called the Golden Rule that will usually yield a clear direction when one is at a crossroads. I believe this would have been a great opportunity to apply it. And if it had been, I can't help but think that our council might have supported a policy that is better for the workers and, in the long term, better for our community.