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Letter: Shown no courtesy

Dear Editor,

Wikipedia's definition of shunning: "the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from individuals or groups. Shunning has a long history as a means of organizational influence and control."

Several town of Hudson residents are feeling the effects of shunning firsthand. Gale Qualls, Dave Bartizal, Mick Blaiser and I were suddenly removed from the town Planning and Zoning Commission on April 27. Forty-plus years of combined town service and combined residency of 132 years in this township apparently mean nothing if you don't follow lockstep with the Town Board's agenda?

We were informed of this ousting not by even a phone call or personal meeting, but by a cold form letter of which not one member of the Town Board had the courtesy or decency to sign, received the day after our unseating.

Three of us attended the May 5 Town Board meeting and again, shunned, the board not even making eye contact or acknowledging us few meeting attendees. Perhaps the platform the three opposing candidates ran on: a kinder, more open and responsive town government went un-noticed?

I think serving your community is a noble cause, and several citizens came forth to be appointed in our place. Promptly stepping up to serve are Jason Bast, son of supervisor Kernon Bast; Sarah Wang, who nominated Jeff Johnson at the 2009 caucus and is a friend of clerk Vicki Shaw; Mark Meireotto, brother-in-law of Jeff Johnson; Chuck Wastel, seconding the nomination for Jeff Johnson. Also appointed May 5, Phil Smith (current dog catcher and husband of town treasurer Jacque Smith) at $11 an hour to maintain order at town parks; Marion Shaw to Board of Adjustments (also serving on Library Board), along with Don Williams, former executive board member of the St. Croix Republican Party and apparently part of Jeff Johnson's campaign group - a very exclusive and cozy group.

I hope during my tenure on the P&Z board I was able to help a few residents achieve their dreams and help build a better community, that is my reward. I'll ignore the board's behavior, knowing I did my best to serve our community, and I can still sleep at night.

A "Bushism" from Nov. 6, 2001, "You are either with us or you are against us" seems to keep ringing in my ears.