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Letter: Has idea for rest stop

Dear Editor,

For many years travelers and tourists have stopped at this rest stop for rest, information and relief. Now due to the fact that Wisconsin budget problems have shut it down, except for rest, they are left with another Hudson blight and a possible natural disaster. We suggest a way to "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

Possibly the city of Hudson and Chamber could sponsor a portable toilet at this Hudson rest stop to provide relief. A rather small investment could provide them with a more favorable impression of Hudson and a way to avoid dealing with discomfort and a possible embarrassing accident or desecration.

The Chamber and city might even post a sign or page on the portable toilet door welcoming them to visit historical downtown Hudson and listing events and attractions. This would be a welcoming thing for these people and Hudson.

I also still wonder why a direct exit from I-94 to this Hudson rest stop can't be provided. The "Gateway Project" for these key acres at "Hudson's front door" location is still failing. We need to do some helpful and effective persuasion with the Wisconsin DOT.