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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Letter: Disappointed in news choices

Dear Editor,

One of the pillars of journalism is the existence of small-town, community-driven newspapers. One of the first things I learned in J-school was that it is the duty of a local newspaper to serve community interests by keeping their readers well informed.

So why is it that on multiple occasions the Hudson Star-Observer has failed to do so?

Twice now my publication and I have put on live music shows at City Limits. The venue is great, but it is in a spot where a lot of people don't know it exists. So I submitted info on our event to the paper to try to raise awareness. After two weeks or so of them not posting our event on the calendar, I emailed them again to make sure they received the first submission. This time they responded promptly that their online calendar is for non-profit events only.

Where on the Web site or the calendar does it say this?

Then we decided to do another concert. This one was non-profit, and we planned to donate all proceeds to the local food bank. Again I submitted our event to the calendar, noting that this time it was strictly non-profit and we were raising money for charity. You would think the Star-Observer would want to post it then, right?

Wrong. Instead I was rudely referred to their advertising department, as if we have the budget to advertise for an event where no money is being made.

So I must ask, what is the purpose of your calendar? Do you simply discriminate against things you find distasteful? Or is the calendar just there for show?

We all know there's never a whole lot happening live-music-wise in Hudson. Therefore it is the moral, ethical and professional duty of this publication to print notice of such events, because without a doubt there are a significant number of community members who would be interested.

But the Hudson Star-Observer failed at this job, letting down me, my publication and the community as a whole. For shame!

Editor's note: The Star-Observer welcomes calendar submissions for non-profit events of broad interest to the community. We generally do require that privately owned establishments place paid advertising to promote events at their businesses. That rule is sometimes expanded if the Star-Observer staff determines that an event also merits news coverage.