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Letter: Dislikes smoking law

Dear Editor,

Is not separate, but equal, OK?

I realize the danger of second-hand smoke, but here's a novel idea: Don't go in a smoking establishment. There are plenty of smoke-free places you can patronize; must the non-smokers have their way in both public and private business?

Another law to save me from myself. Like seatbelt and helmet laws, which are a good idea but should stay just that - "a good idea." Instead, that trusted friend, "The Insurance Biz" has gotten Dudley Dou Right to do his bidding for him. How about the reported record deer herd? I see more deer walking down Coulee Road at dusk then most avid hunters see all season. Another insurance-based myth in order to cut claims. But not smoking in the bars, not the bars!

It makes me so mad when good people with good intentions can be led astray by an industry that holds all the cards (not to say all the money).

Makes we want to go into a McDonald's and consume Big Macs until I'm too fat to work but too skinny to live in bed. I'll show them the real meaning of too big to fail. Then smoke cigarettes until I spit a lung, put my helmet on, seatbelt in for my trip to the smokeless bar where I can consume alcohol and caffeine until I detonate (like fat man) and think of more senseless restrictions I can impose on my fellow Americans.

With any luck I could be a total burden on society for maybe another 40 years. But! Take away the government's notion that I don't know what's best for me and wham -- dead in five years from a massive stroke. That could save society 35 years of me asking to be pushed closer to the window in a vain attempt to lick the pain where some careless second-hand smoke had errantly settled.

Realistically, the non-smokers can have a whole building and the smokers the same, whichever thee chooses it will be OK.

Remember, I grew up with Doc Anderson (God rest his soul), turn and cough meant his Chesterfield had gone out.