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Supports new health system

Let's not be disingenuous about the health care crisis in the United States.

We have 47 million uninsured and no one knows how many underinsured, who could be instantly dropped by their insurers when they most need care.

There are people all over this country who work hard at their jobs until they get sick, lose their health insurance and suddenly face not only major illness but the financial stress of debt they can't possibly pay.

Certainly we have neighbors in our communities living out this desperate scenario at this moment. We, as a nation, are failing them miserably.

Defenders of the current system are practiced at ignoring the sufferings of our more unfortunate fellow citizens. In fact, more than 20,000 Americans die each year of preventable illness for lack of health care.

Each of them is a life we throw away, to our detriment and shame. Backed into a corner by illness and debt, their productive contribution to society is over. This is a staggering human loss uncounted by the pound-foolish who say universal coverage is "too expensive."

The rich have seldom in recent times shown such brazen disdain for the disposable "little person" who does the actual work that fattens the CEO's bank account.

Huge moneyed interests fund misinformation campaigns to scare the public into siding with the health insurance and pharmaceutical giants that thrive, leech-like, on the life-blood of the nation's productivity. The irony is that some of the most vociferous town-hall shouters will undoubtedly one day find themselves facing bankruptcy and worse due to medical emergencies.

It's time for Americans to get angry at those who profit from our broken health care system, not at those who are trying to fix it.