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Critical of tea parties

In 1969, the "Woodstock Nation" was born and a rainbow of diversity began to appear across our nation. Women, Blacks, Latinos, American Indians, gays and other minorities started finding their voices and began making inroads into the white-male power structure running our country.

In 1969, President Nixon was completing his first six months in office and about this time, he mentioned the "silent majority" in one of his speeches.

This year, the Tea Party Nation was born and the fruitcake fringe of the Republican Party is rapidly rearing its ugly head. President Barack Obama is completing his first six months in office amid a spit-shower of hate, lies and crackpot theories belching from this belligerent minority.

President Obama is using his bully pulpit to persuade us of the need to reform our health care system and make it more affordable and accessible to all. Virtually every elected public official - whether Republican, Democrat or Independent - agrees there is a need for some degree of health care reform. You would expect differences of opinions on such a complex issue. Likewise, you would expect reasonable adults with differences of opinion to sit down and try to work out compromises for complex issues.

Do not expect that type of adult behavior from Tea Party members. They have bullied their way into the town hall meetings being held by senators and congressional representatives. Since they yell the loudest, they must be right. For the Tea Partiers - like all bullies - there is no debate. Either you agree with them or you are a socialist, communist or Nazi. There are no rainbows at the Tea Party. It is black or white - preferably white.

Do not be fooled. These Tea Party bullies did not rise out of the ruined economy Bush left Obama. They started because a mulatto from the Democratic Party was elected president on a message of "hope" and "change" - words that strike fear into the cold hearts of Tea Party participants.

Of course, they will quickly remind you they are "conservatives" not Republicans, Even though 99 percent of the Tea Partiers likely voted for President George W. Bush - twice.

Of course, Tea Partiers have a constitutional right to protest, wear loaded guns at their "non-partisan" rallies, demand to see President Obama's birth certificate and pray for President Ronald Reagan to rise from the dead by his own bootstraps. I support their lunacy. Thankfully, America is a tolerant country with room for both apple pie and fruitcake.