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Unhappy with coverage

Three Cheers for Willis Miller, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray... but how disappointing to see the article on Willis Millers $1.1 million dollar donation to UW-RF on behalf of children attending Hudson schools relegated to the fourth page. The St. Paul Pioneer Press had the smarts and thumbs up to a fellow newspaper man to run their article on the front page of their little paper distributed in Western Wisconsin. But the Startled Obtuser? They choose to go with front page stories like a convicted criminal's sentence and the riveting "Kind may run for governor". Wow. I was lucky enough to become friends with Willis late in his life. The thing that sticks with me is when he told me the biggest thing we can do in our lives is to help those coming after us to become better educated to better our town and the places they travel. Willis Miller has made a greater impact on Hudson than many who could be thought of as successful or prominent people in Hudson. In fact, think of the last names of those who may be considered as successful in Hudson today and what they have done comparatively. To date, Willis Miller towers above most. He is certainly more newsworthy than current politicians and criminals. And I know he did a lot for you doofuses at the local paper and deserves better press than you gave him.

Shame on you Steve Dzubay and Doug Stohlberg. Mighty disappointing. Hats off to you Willis.

Editor's note:We agree with the writer's praise for Willis Miller. The story and dollar amount was scheduled to be released by UW-River Falls at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon (thus the coverage this week). To our surprise, a short press release was sent by the university late Tuesday afternoon, well past our deadline. We had to scramble to get anything in the Aug. 27 edition and page four was our best option at the time. We recognize that Willis deserved better - the coverage we have this week is what we had in mind.