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Vote down school budget

I urge residents of the Hudson School District to reject the proposed 8.5 percent tax levy increase being proposed by the Hudson School Distirct Administration.

Residents may cast votes at the district's annual meeting held at 7 p.m. Sept. 8 at the high school auditorium. The meeting agenda and the proposed budget can be found on the district webpage.

Not only is the proposed levy over $2 million more than last year, it includes funding to give pay increases demanded once again from the teachers' union as well as funding to pay the entire increased costs of the Cadillac benefits package they enjoy.

Not only is the union demanding more money when we have less to offer, the administration appears to have given up any position for negotiation by including funding for those raises with added tax dollars in their proposed levy.

If you do not want to see your tax levy increased by 8.5 percent, you need to cast your vote Sept. 8. I'll see you there.