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Letter-Upset with primary

Dear Editor,

In the Star-Observer dated June 23 a headline reads "Shadow candidate submits signatures to force primary." Shadow? I thought this an odd term, so I went to the dictionary. It turns out there are many definitions for this term, making it a very "shadowy" adjective for a very concrete event -- an election.

The definition that I believe suits this occasion best is: to shade something from the light. When the light is turned on, this primary is in fact a fake primary, a ruse, a tactic, and an affront to the citizens of Wisconsin and a very expensive one. By one report, this fake and unnecessary tactic deployed by the Republicans/Harsdorf is costing you and me, the Wisconsin taxpayers, over $428,000 ( I cannot help but wonder how many teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, and other important jobs could be funded with this $428,000.

According to the St. Croix County GOP Chairman Jesse Garza "The candidacy is to give the incumbents more time to campaign." How much more time could Harsdorf possibly need to campaign? She has known about this recall since March when she drove past the folks on Main Street signing the recall petition. Or has she been too busy walking in lock-step with Walker -- slashing Wisconsin's social fabric -- to campaign since March? Either way, this is her choice. Harsdorf has chosen this recall by following the Walker agenda -- cutting education (at every level), public safety, healthcare for women and senior care and much more instead of representing those who put her in office. She is actively participating in costing the Wisconsin taxpayers over $428,000 in order to delay the inevitable.

Vote Aug. 9 for Shelly Moore.

Nan Lambert, Town of Troy