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Hudson Schools: Thank you parent volunteers

The parents of Hudson students volunteer countless hours to support learning in and outside of the classroom. During this time of year when we all reflect on those things for which we are thankful, I want to thank each and every parent who contributes time and energy to the success of every student every day.

Research shows that parent involvement in a child's education is a significant contributor to a child's academic success. Governor Walker has proclaimed Nov. 15 as "Parental Involvement Day," and the Hudson School District would like to recognize the significant ways parents support students in our schools. A walk through of any of Hudson's schools will reveal the active participation of parents on many levels. Students across all levels experience one-on-one attention and guidance from parent volunteers in mentorship programs to the large scale "Reality Store" program recently attended by all Hudson High School junior students. Here are just a few more examples of the active roles that parents play in Hudson schools that make a substantial difference:

--Since 1998, parents and community members volunteered in the E.P. Rock Elementary student mentorship program. Through the "Stand By Me" mentorship program, volunteers give their time to provide academic, social and emotional support to individual students.

--Houlton Elementary School families come together for voluntary Family Fun and Fitness activities during the winter months. Students share their skills and knowledge gained in the classroom with their families through healthy activities.

--Fifth-graders at Hudson Prairie are developing team building skills while immersed in the outdoor learning environment provided at Camp St. Croix. This valuable experience for fifth-grade students is the result of fundraising by the Hudson Prairie Parent Group and the volunteer parents who spend their day and night chaperoning this event.

--Families at North Hudson Elementary serve others in need by donating non-perishable food items as part of the school's Halloween Howl event.

--Parents at River Crest Elementary work with the school's reading specialist to host family reading nights.

-Willow River Elementary parents work closely with each classroom during the winter and spring months to host an art and music show. Students are able to showcase their visual and performing arts knowledge and skills while learning alongside local artists.

--The Hudson Middle School annual family fundraiser helps to fund enrichment activities at all grade levels. Many of these enrichment activities, like Biz Town for sixth-graders, require parents to volunteer throughout the day-long activities organized by Junior Achievement.

--For nearly thirty years, parents have committed to providing a fun, alcohol-free event for Hudson High School Seniors on graduation night. Hundreds of parents work behind the scenes throughout the school year to make this evening a successful, safe sendoff for our graduates.

This list of activities is just a snapshot of the many ways parents are involved in the academic and social development of Hudson students. These activities are some of the more visible ways that parents contribute countless hours in the Hudson schools; and through action, model for students the importance of education. Parent volunteerism in school is above and beyond the one-on-one time parents spend each day talking with their child about the school day; guiding them through homework; helping them find additional resources when needed; and even taking twenty minutes of precious time each day to read as a family.

"It takes a village to educate a child," and we deeply appreciate partnering with parents to support the success of each Hudson student. To all parents, thank you for sharing your time and talents to support Hudson students to be their best.