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DAY BY DAY: A new year, a new calendar sounds like a good idea

I'm thinking 2013 might just turn out to be lucky.

We REALLY get to start fresh. I mean according to the Mayans we shouldn't even be here. But if you don't take that all so literally, it might just mean we get to leave all the garbage behind and start again with a completely new calendar.

To start, on my new calendar I think I would change the number of months. Go from 12 to nine. Let's dump February (too cold and gray), April (not winter, not spring, just five long weeks long) and August (too hot and no holidays). Not to mention that we might just end up shortening Lent.

Everything of importance happens in the remaining months or should. I wouldn't mess with the traditional holidays or any of those "no mail" days -- I only get one of them off anyway. I might add a few actually. How about "I need a break from work day," say sometime in March and then again in October. Would it kill us?

I would also like to see "Eat whatever you want day." I'm thinking that along with being just a great way to spend a day, it might be quite the boon for the economy. There should also be a national "no exercise day" as well as an "eat healthy" and an "everybody exercise" day spread out in between.

I'm thinking Mother's Day should be Mother's Week, a seven-day respite where all mothers go to a place where nobody knows their name and it is all about us.

Father's Day should probably stay just Father's Day, otherwise they will end up bugging the mothers in their lives with what they should do with the other six days or just hang around the house and bug us.

The first day of the seasons should also get more respect. In these days of concern for the climate and the planet, the first day of the different seasons should be marked in some way special. I'm thinking picnics or time off for long walks or building snow forts or ice sculptures and when the weather doesn't cooperate, maybe commemorating them with a nice bottle of wine that is no doubt delicious because of the seasons.

I might want to move Christmas up to the beginning of December since apparently we don't exactly know when the real date is anyway. I think it might be nice to have only a couple of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It might lead to all kinds of repercussions like less stress, less time to run up the credit card bill and less exposure to cream cheese-based foods.

That would leave us a couple of weeks to wind down before the end of the year and prepare properly for hibernation...and tax season.

And after this year I'm thinking the calendar should definitely include a beginning and an end to any and all election seasons -- no more than 90 days like the Brits do it. If we put it on the calendar then it would have to be so just like the Pepper Fest on the third weekend in August (or maybe July on my new version) or deer hunting.

I really didn't think the world was going to end on Friday even if the events of the past few weeks made us all feel like maybe it could be. But we will go on just like time. The trick will be to do it well.

It's a new year everybody, let's make the most of it.

Meg Heaton

Meg Heaton has been a reporter with the Hudson Star Observer since 1990. She has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and Native American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

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