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Pastoral Reflections: A farewell to Hudson - Rev. Brian Ferguson

My days are numbered. March 31 will be my last day as pastor of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 505 13th St., Hudson. Our family is relocating to Cincinnati, Ohio.

For 10 years Hudson has been our home. What a blessing those years have been.

Raising our three boys here has been a delight. The schools provided a quality education, through committed and gifted teachers. Music, extra curricular activities and sports have challenged our boys to go beyond the regular routines of learning. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts taught our sons about leadership, community and service. The YMCA provided countless hours of exercise and play.

The hospital and Emergency Room had their opportunities to care for us. Local dining regularly filled our stomachs with good food. All of this living took place in the beauty of the St. Croix River Valley.

As a pastor it might be expected that I would spend my time reflecting on the work in ministry that occurred at Mt. Zion during the last decade.

The work of God however goes far beyond the walls of any single congregation. Faith lifts up the desire of God to bless us abundantly. Many people in Hudson may not realize it, but they are part of God’s work.

As I have already mentioned our family has been blessed abundantly by the Hudson community. This is God’s desire. Thank you for being part of God’s plan. Thank you, Hudson, for being a community where people can thrive in the rich and abundant ways God intended for all of creation.

I would like to direct my final thoughts to the Hudson Area Ministerial Association. When I arrived in 2004 H.A.M.A. welcomed and encouraged me. Throughout the years pastors and specialized ministry leaders, from a diverse collection of religious traditions provided ongoing prayers for me in my ministry, lighthearted ecumenical banter, and a common concern for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of this community. I will miss this, especially since I know organizations like H.A.M.A are the exception, rather than the norm. Thank you, co-workers in Christ.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.