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Chief Marty Jensen: Businesses help police keep community safe

Marty Jensen is chief of the Hudson Police Department.

As summer nears its end and the beginning of fall is just around the corner, I want to take this opportunity to thank our local businesses for all they do for our community. They provide the necessary items and services that help make the Hudson community one of the best cities to live and work in around our great State. They also help keep our community safe by working with our police department to detect, deter, and assist in fighting crime.

Our local businesses work cooperatively with the police department on a number of issues, such as detecting fraudulent activities, which not only cost the businesses money, but the customer as well; the detection and detaining of shoplifters, illegal drug use, underage consumption, theft by swindle, and many more. Without the cooperation of local businesses, the police department would not be able to solve as many of these crimes as we do.

Local businesses also provide vital support to the police department. They provide donations of food, money, and services, as well as their time and talent. At the annual National Night Out event held recently in Lakefront Park, businesses donated food, drink, music, and most of all their time. They help make this event bigger and better every year and we as a police department could not have done this without the help of local businesses.

I cannot express in words how gratifying it has been to work hand and hand with so many of our local businesses these past thirty years. They truly are one of the best reasons so many people live, work, and come to our great community. Thank you for all you do.