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Viewpoint: You're fired!

By Bob Boesel, Town of Hudson

On election night last November, I did not watch the returns but instead I went to bed early as is my habit. I went to bed sad and fearful for what I thought was about to happen to my country. I awoke to relief but it was short lived. It rapidly turned to anger at all of the media who had lied to me and kept me in a state of sadness and fear.

The very first things I did that day were to cancel my Sirius Radio accounts for car and boat, stop watching and listening to Fox News, and stop watching all TV except for classic movies and America's Funniest Videos. I became far more selective in what I listen to and read and am now far more accurately informed. And, I am far happier for it.

In short order this week, I received both the notice that my Hudson Star-Observer subscription will expire on Nov. 24, 2017 and then the HSO edition of Oct. 26. As with every other HSO edition for a long time, I asked myself why am I wasting my time reading this? It does nothing but offend my values and insult my intelligence. Your editorial blames me for the splintering of America when it was eight years of the Obama Regime that culled out every conceivably definable group from the American populace, inventing a few new ones along the way, and turned each pack against all others, and especially against those of us who remained undefined and nameless in the herd, and thus guilty of White Privilege if nothing else. Obama had an eager co-conspirator in his foul endeavor: the media. In true Alinsky fashion, you blame the victim for the crimes you commit.

The column by Jackie Brux this week is another socialist screed from this Glittering Jewel of Colossal Ignorance (sorry for the plagiarism, Rush). She's ignorant of the fact that nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is the government directed to take the fruits of the labor of those who produce and redistribute said fruits more fairly (by her definition) to those who only loot society. One family in five in America has no one that works. Is that the result of her "longest economic expansion in history?" She says we need no more economic expansion.

She labors under the Venezuelan economic principle that all earnings belong to the Government and we should give thanks for each dollar that the Government graciously grants us to spend or invest, under government supervision, of course. She frets for the national debt if we are allowed to keep a few more crumbs of the bread we bake from the grain we grow while Bush 43 and Obama more than tripled the national debt with hurrah! And huzzah! from the media. The hypocrisy is delicious.

Are you blind to the fact that I do not stand alone? NFL game attendance, TV viewership, and advertising revenue are plummeting both because of disrespectful players who insult the fans, and because of a shrew-like media that is fanning the flames. Hollywood no longer produces bombshells, only bombs that few people in fly-over country will pay to see. Haven't you heard that the DNC is hemorrhaging cash and is wondering how it will fund the 2018 campaign? Don't you see the implications for you, duplicitous political beast that you are, when Republican cesspool denizens Flake and Corker are quitting like cowards before their own Republican voters can summarily discharge them?

Or, is HSO on the same suicide track believing "better dead than not-red?"

Not read? Well, continue on to the ash heap of history if you will, but be pleased to do so without my dollars.

And, I will be far happier for it. You're Fired!