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Marty Jensen column: Don't make it easy for thieves

By Marty Jensen, Hudson Police Chief

The men and women of the Hudson Police Department want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. However, there are those out there who are making the holidays less joyful and more hurtful for some of us. They are taking advantage of people's trust and busyness for their own selfish gains. One way they are doing this is by breaking into people's cars and stealing their property.

Since the beginning of this year there have been 47 car break-ins where items such as purses and wallets to laptop computers have been taken. Many of these thefts have occurred in the driveways of the victim's home, which has left people upset and feeling vulnerable. Others have been at store parking lots or even at schools while attending a concert. These thefts and break-ins can occur at any time of the day or location; however, there are ways you can reduce your chances of being a victim to these crooks.

The first thing we recommend is locking your car doors, even in your driveway. The vast majority of these thefts from vehicles are from cars that were left unlocked. Thieves are looking for unlocked vehicles so they can be in and out quickly and with little noise or notice.

The next recommendation is to not leave anything of value in your vehicles if you can help it. If not then place the items in your trunk and out of sight. Thieves are walking around parking lots, like schools, looking into vehicles to see if someone might have left a purse or cell phone out where it can be seen. They have and will smash windows to take these items and will be long gone before anyone notices. They will look to see if someone tried hiding their purse under the front seat and they will take it if given the chance. Don't give them that chance.

Also with the cold weather upon us we want to remind everyone not to leave your car running with the keys in them. You should not leave your keys in your car at any time of the year. So far this year we have had 11 motor vehicle thefts; 95 percent of these thefts the keys were left in the vehicle making them easy targets for criminals.

Please remember these tips and you will reduce your chances of being a victim of these criminals. Again from all of us have a safe and happy holiday season.