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Doug's Diggings: When did that happen? -- Local servants

In the newspaper business I have found that news people and citizens have one basic thing in common - we all think events happened longer ago than we think!

For instance. Someone asked me a couple of days ago when Dr. Glen Gaynor died.

For those who might not have known Glen, he was a local chiropractor and active community leader for many years. He was active in the Chamber, Rotary, Phipps and numerous other local organizations.

At any rate, my reply was "maybe three or four years ago." My questioner didn't think it was that long - he thought it was a "couple of years." When I got back to the office I decided to find out. Much to my surprise, Glen's obituary was published in the Oct. 3, 2002 Star-Observer - almost seven years ago!

Oddly enough, I almost always over-estimate the time frame when looking back. If I think something was published three months ago, I begin my search at about six months!

Often someone will come into the office looking for an article that ran in the past. Our first question is, "When did it run?"

If they don't have an exact date, they'll say something like "two or three months ago." Inevitably it's going to be five, six, seven months - often more.

I shouldn't have been surprised the same thing happens virtually several times every week. Somebody will ask, for instance, "When was that story about Pat Dietz in the Star-Observer?" The answer is often three or four months ago (to those not in the newspaper business the answer is more likely to be "a couple months ago"). Well, the true answer was Feb. 19, 2009 - six months ago.

Since I had the 2002 files out, I decided to take a look at the August 2002 files and see if I would be surprised by some of the other stories and obituaries from August 2002:

Obituaries included some of the following Hudson residents: Dolores Neurauter (73), Ruth "Toppy" Mayer (86), Bernice Schwarm (93), Roger Karras (60), Marvin James Schmitz (68), Earl Matter (86), Charles King (87), Evan Vieregge (71), Craig Hendrickson (20), Don Colbeth (67), Ruth Reynolds (75), Leonard Vanasse (72), Thomas Betz (55), Karl "Butch" Krassau (59), Gilmore Solberg (87), Curtis "Red" Johnson (80) and Angela Bauer (26).

Angela Bauer, a 1994 Hudson High School graduate, died in a motorcycle accident near Maiden Rock.

Other headlines that you may remember:

  • Inmate sues; alleges poor food at county jail.
  • Liebswager's death due to natural causes: The 2001 HHS graduate died in an apparent car accident in downtown Hudson on June 29, 2002. It was determined, however, that he died of a heart condition which caused the accident.
  • Fake phone man attempts robberies.
  • Kevin Blimsmon is North Hudson Pepper Fest 'Good Neighbor.'
  • Hudson Hockey Association aims to build second indoor rink.
  • Council approves what could be the city's last big housing development - 330 units planned for former Charlie Ward estate.
  • Michelle Klatt and Karen Humphrey grand marshals for Pepper Fest.
  • View from Mt. Kilimanjaro gives local women a new perspective (Meg Whiston and Paula Westlund town of Troy).
  • Two teens injured in crash Tuesday - Michael Stahl (who survived the accident) was critically injured in the crash; also injured less seriously was James Hutera.
  • Lightning starts North Hudson house fire (Guy and Faye Kangas, 1032 Sommers St. N.).
  • St. Croix property values climb 15 percent (how times have changed!).

    If you recall any of these stories, you might be surprised that they were all from August 2002.


    I attended the North Hudson Village Board meeting last week and as I sat there watching the men and women deal with issues, I decided I would like to pay tribute to all the people who serve on local boards.

    I'm always impressed with the amount of time people are willing to donate for the betterment of our communities. Those who serve on local boards - be it village, city, towns, country, school board - devote countless hours to these causes.

    And, it's not just the time at the board meeting - every level of government has numerous committees and information that has to be digested before and after meetings.

    And, as we all know, these local officials get very little praise. In this day and age, most of the feedback comes in the form of criticism. And, that's OK - sometimes they deserve it. But for the most part a lot of people are doing a lot of things right and spending a lot of time doing it for just a pittance of compensation - nobody is doing this for the money.

    Again, thank you to all our local servants!

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