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Margaret's Musings: As the World Turned - saying goodbye

OMG(Oh My God) has a month gone by already. It is time to write a new column.

Friday afternoon, I said good bye to some old friends. The soap opera As the World Turns aired its final episode after 54 years. It was never perhaps a paragon of great writing and the last episode was a bit sugary, but nearly all of the cast members were brought back in the weeks leading up to the end, and of course all of the plot lines were essentially resolved.

I don't often admit to most of my friends that I have enjoyed watching it off and on for most of those years. The first time I remember watching the show was when it was basically an infant, in 1957, one short year after it debuted. It was the lunch time show of choice for my mom, who worked nights, and I can remember watching it when I came home from school for lunch as a kindergartner and in first grade. The only reason this particular SOAP won mom's, and later dad's interest when he retired, was it coincided with the lunch hour and in those days it was just 30 minutes long.

I doubt they have watched it much lately, at 85 and 89 they are too busy, as mom puts it, to sit in front of the boob tube, and when they do it is usually to watch the news or something on public television.

Scandal was always a part of the plots and in some cases the villains came back from death on more than one occasion. Affairs and illegitimate births, sickness and health it was all a part of the mix.

Each time I moved it was like taking family and a familiarity with me. It made the move to the east coast a little more comfortable because, I knew while I was getting settled and before I started working, I could tune in and "visit" with characters that I literally knew all of my life.

David and Ellen, Bob and Lisa and later Kim, the villainous Dr. John Dixon, Holden and Lilly -- they popped to life no matter where I lived.

The passage of time was never relevant to reality. Babies were born sometimes in record time and in some cases matured and married in a few short years. Couples broke up and reunited more times than you could remember. But through the fifty some years you could tune in a week, a month or a year later and feel like you were visiting old friends.

I never recorded an episode like some folks do and with the coming of the internet I have to admit I never bothered to view past shows nor have I purchased any of the magazines chronicling soap characters on and off the sets.

Bob and Kim, Nancy and Chris, Tom and Margo were just invited guests usually over lunch if I had the time to visit their cozy, little and familiar world. As the World Turns was a thread to consistency for most off my life but my world will keep turning without them.