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Our View: Give thanks daily, but especially on Thanksgiving

It may be Thanksgiving this week, but do we stop to really consider how thankful we should be? Many people have been challenged in recent years -- it could be economics, job insecurity or personal issues in their lives.

Don’t let life’s problems, however, dominate your thoughts. So many of us spend too much time thinking about if only we had more money, more time, a bigger house, a different car, a different job, etc. Once our attitude becomes one of deficiency instead of abundance and appreciation, we can become overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and feel like a victim.

Remember that in spite of the problems we may face, we are still fortunate people.

Here are a couple of questions to consider on Thanksgiving: First, is Thanksgiving the only time we think of the many blessings we have received?

Second, do we really understand how much we have been blessed when compared to the rest of the world?

Giving thanks should be a daily activity. Someone once said that being thankful is simply that act of stopping, noticing and acknowledging what we see around us. We don’t need a holiday to tell us when to be thankful or when to be nice to the people around us.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to remind us of our blessings, but there are some things we can do daily to express our gratitude. First, there is the power of prayer. It should be used as thanks for blessings received and not always as a means to ask for something.

As far as people around us, little acts of kindness show gratitude. Tell someone that you are grateful for them in your life. A thank you is more than just being polite. It is acknowledging someone’s effort -- no matter how great or small.

When we see the plight of many people around the world, those of us in America should be reminded of how good we have it! It seems that no matter how fortunate we are, however, we can always find something about which to complain. In reality, our lifestyle is nothing but a distant dream for the majority of world residents.

Take a moment for yourself and think about your life. Give pause to remember what’s going right in your life and what is satisfying in your life. Our time on earth is relatively short. Don’t march though time being bitter or resentful. Don’t waste time complaining about unimportant items and events. Express gratitude and say something positive to relatives, friends and neighbors.

Start by appreciating what you have and giving thanks in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Those daily acts will make the yearly celebration of Thanksgiving even more meaningful.