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Letter-Where is the bonus?

Dear Editor,

So a lot of people have been bashing the teachers and the unions. They say things like, "pay your share like the private sector." Well, turns out teachers in Hudson have met almost all of their goals. Not only that, according to the article they surpassed most of their goals. So my question to the community is will they be paid like the private sector? Will the Hudson teachers get some vacation days, bonus money, maybe at the very least a company paid lunch?

My guess would be they will get nothing. They may have a lunch. But, if you have ever been to a teacher's lunch, it will probably be school cafeteria food, and they will probably ask the teachers to give an offering. They will get no bonus. There is no Christmas bonus. In fact they will be forced to pay more for their insurance, have their class size increased, be asked to continue to give outstanding service with fewer tools to accomplish the job.

Also, congrats to the students who also did their part in this.

Nick Hartle, Hudson