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Letter: Not 'change' writer wants

Dear Editor,

Another week of scrutiny over the "stimulus" package uncovers a wide-open back door entrance for socialized health care. Unable to even get a modicum of votes for government-controlled health care on stand-alone legislation, the Messiah's team has jammed it into the gaping maw of the 'porkulus' package passed by the Senate.

This health care provision will enable the government to get and manage your health records. The government will dictate procedures to doctors. The government will set the cost of these procedures. The government will also decide on just who is allowed to receive these procedures, i.e, your health care will now be rationed by the government and it is that entity which will decide if you're worth it or not, depending on your age!

This should scare the living daylights out of you no matter which party you belong to. Keep in mind that the government has mismanaged and nearly ruined the financial markets. The government has bankrupted and mismanaged the Social Security system. The government has mismanaged FEMA (and Tennessee is still without power in many areas - FEMA never showed up). The government has totally mismanaged the TV digital changeover. The government cannot even successfully run their own Senate cafeteria!

But government will efficiently run our health care? There is not a single program that government has run well and efficiently. Not one! Everybody who thinks national health care is a bad idea must immediately call, write or e-mail your representatives and demand this bill be voted down.

Is this is the "change" you Messiah supporters wanted? Is this the "transparency" we've heard so much about? Is this an example of "the highest ethical standards ever" in government? Thanks, but no thanks, President Obama, you can keep the change.