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Letters to the Editor for Feb. 9, 2017

Hudsonites, who are we?

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to report that Hudson is a community filled mostly with many welcoming and friendly residents that make me very proud. My wife and I hosted a young man from Ghana at the Hot Air Affair. His descriptive words to me were, “This is really wonderful. Does everyone know you?” (Because so many people came up to us and introduced themselves).

Fortunately, my guest did not have to witness any of the dark side of Hudson. Those whose fear of strangers is so severe that they jettison their Christian teachings by noon every Sunday. At the County Board meeting Jan. 3, 2017, I had requested that the Board, as an important public policy setting institution, discuss the subject of refugees and immigration; to include how and why some counties in the U.S. define and chose to become a “Sanctuary County.” Those buzzwords provoked a disturbing reaction that was a departure from Jesus’s teachings that I had studied my entire life.

At the Jan. 18, 2017 Administration Committee meeting, a number of our local residents spoke out against the idea of even discussing the issue. Most of the comments were delivered in a civil and respectful manner. But then one gentleman spoke threateningly and another gentleman referred to refugees as “those elements.” Tell me, how do you go to a Christian church in Hudson and then loose your faith at the church door? From Mark 7:6 with Jesus quoting from Isaiah, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

I reject fear. “Afraid” does not describe the Hudson community that I live in. My community is welcoming and friendly, this I know to be true.

Roy Sjoberg, County Supervisor District 5



Tale of two notes

Dear editor,

In a letter about Wisconsin Constitutional Prayer and Action group’s anti-Muslim speaker at the Kilkarney Golf Course, I mentioned how the Holy Family were once refugees, and I shared my experiences with Bosnian Muslim refugees.

I received a lovely signed thank you note from a local Christian minister. I also received an unsigned note. "It is people like you, our former president and many in his cabinet, that have allowed innocent people to die because they know little about Islam...we must educate ourselves as to the goals/aims of jihadists (Muslims!)...before our own nation is overrun by those who would RULE THE WORLD THROUGH ISLAM!"

My anonymous mailer sent along “educational” materials, which I read. As with most stereotypes, truths and facts were presented with overblown generalizations from isolated incidents and quotes, drawing illogical conclusions. I was reminded of the woman at the event who proclaimed "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were not refugees! They did not want to chop people's heads off!" Hearing the words "refugee" and "terrorist" linked so often, she didn’t know the difference.

I agree: threats of ISIS are very real, and intense vetting has to happen and has been. Radical violent Islam IS dangerous, just as radical, violent Christianity has been throughout history.

However, would you like Muslims to learn about Christianity from an anti-Christian, Islamic former used car salesman from St. Cloud? Perhaps the group could invite Muslims who are experts to inform them or attend events where faith-filled Muslims or refugees speak of their beliefs. Sweeping generalizations never help find real solutions, they demean the speakers, listeners, and those targeted. Many innocents, some who are already traumatized refugees, are suffering through this rhetoric. I look forward to Kilkarney hosting a real informative event in the name of its own mission of hospitality.

Marybeth Lorbiecki Mataya

North Hudson


Are We Really Pro-Life?

Dear Editor,

You have this car that you hate. It’s a clunker and no matter how much money you pour into it, it’s still not reliable and just needs more money. You have the opportunity to drive this car off a cliff into a glorious demise, so you say, “Great, let’s do it!”

To many Americans, that car is the Affordable Care Act, aka Romneycare, aka Obamacare. Without a public option, ACA was a gift to big pharma and insurance companies. Most would agree that it cannot, should not continue as-is. Unfortunately, our representatives, more specifically Senator Johnson and Congressman Duffy, are voting to launch our clunker car off of a cliff without having another car or transportation plan lined up. With the car gone, people can’t get to work. With ACA repealed but not replaced, millions of people will be denied access to health care, which for too many will literally mean the worsening of conditions at the unnecessary cost to the individual, family and ultimately taxpayer or death.

That’s abstract, so let’s put the rubber to the road: pregnant women between insurance plans will be tough out of luck. Pregnancy is a “pre-existing condition” that causes denial of new coverage. Right now, the ACA forbids such practice. With ACA gone and nothing in its place, cancer patients and survivors are either priced out of medical care or denied coverage altogether. With ACA gone and nothing in its place, an estimated 30 million children will be uninsured.

Senator Johnson and Representative Duffy get elected on a platform of pro-life. What part about leaving millions of children, pregnant women, cancer patients and survivors out in the cold is pro-life? Ought not these guys have another car lined up before they drive the car that so many rely upon off of a cliff?

Sarah Yacoub



Care with the ‘Obama’ in it

Dear Editor,

The Affordable Care Act is built on the backs of 330 million citizens of our country. It is dragging them to financial ruin. Where is the voice of those citizens?

Our media, and the discussions fostered by Democrats, are once again passing over the voice of the people. This is the same mistake that cost them the election and many seats in both state and federal governments.

For those of you that want to keep the Affordable Care Act: Are out-of-control premiums, for even less coverage, higher deductibles, and fines, if you don’t choose to participate, really what the faithful American family deserves?

I think not. I urge Rep. Sean Duffy to remember to keep the promises the Republican Party made to the American people you represent. Please get this financial burden off the back of taxpayers.

Jacqueline Niccum

River Falls