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Letters to the Editor for March 9, 2017

Trump won, quit whining

Dear Editor,

Our President won the election in this State, the 7th & 3rd Congressional Districts, the St. Croix River Valley Region (St. Croix, Pierce, Pepin, Polk, Dunn, Chisago, Pine), plus he GAINED 131 votes in a recount here — accept it. Make all the noise you want, but you live among MANY who disagree with you. Trump is doing what we elected him to do.

Some of us didn’t like the Obama years, but we suffered through them, AND we didn’t go around starting riots. How long will this last? Historically, about eight years. You might have your chance again, but until then, you need to wait your turn.

To those who played the “Christian” card, study the whole Book. The Bible is about laws and boundaries. Jesus Christ is exclusive when He warns us that not everybody goes to Heaven and lists certain people groups. He condemns lawlessness. We are a nation of laws patterned predominantly from that Book.

Harboring an illegal alien is ILLEGAL. Our US Constitution, Article 8, Section 1 explains that “Acts of Congress define the requirements by which immigrants can become citizens. Only the federal government, not the states, can determine who becomes a citizen.” NO sanctuary cities allowed! Immigration must follow a lawful path and immigrants must live according to the laws of THIS nation.

Historical events recorded in the Bible prove that God’s society paid a high price for following their deceptive hearts instead of obeying His principles, whenever they accepted strangers who corrupted their culture. “Be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into” (Matthew 24:43). Protect our borders. Preserve our country.

Katherine KleinTown of HudsonIn support of Sames

Dear Editor,

The upcoming election for Hudson City Council on April 4 allows Hudson residents to truly affect decisions that impact our City. Citizens in District 6 have an opportunity to elect William Sames to serve on the council. As someone who has known William for nearly 10 years, I can attest to his character and ability to be a valuable asset to the council. William takes great pride in being a citizen of Hudson and cares immensely about what Hudson is in the present and what its future holds. I trust his fiscal prudence and also his understanding of what makes Hudson such a wonderful place to live. We need those types of people involved in decision making for our town. Too often elected officials make decisions for the interests of a few. William will make decisions in the interest of Hudson. I heartily encourage District 6 residents to vote for him on April 4.

Ron NordinHudsonWhat’s there to hide?

Dear Editor,

President Trump has accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. This is just a smoke screen to take the attention off Pres. Trump, Attorney General Sessions, and the Russian connection with his administration during the campaign.

If the President wanted to put an end to all the speculation of Russian involvement he would advise Congress to proceed with an independent commission and a thorough investigation.

It’s time for him to release his taxes like former presidents have done, or does he have something very damaging to conceal?

Faye SchlemmerHudsonProtect Your Informants

Dear Editor,

A young man, resident of St. Croix County recently turned up dead under suspicious circumstances. He was a drug informant for the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department. Here’s the game — kid gets picked up for drugs and is given an option: give us a name or get prosecuted. The names law enforcement want, the big fish, are those who would show up on the doorstep of an informant and put a gun in their face. So, what happens? People who are not drug dealers, not hardened criminals, the easy target gets named and set up. While this system generates low level filings, which generates money to justify a very expensive and overly inflated local justice system, it does next to nothing to make us safer or to get those who are preying on our kids off of the streets.

Solution: law enforcement needs to protect its informants. As a criminal prosecutor working in the Major Narcotics Unit in Los Angeles, I saw first-hand the value of the trust that’s needed between law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office and informants. We have no such trust in St. Croix County as the attitude is that the informant is a drug user and thus their life and that of their family members is not of value or of concern to anyone. That has to change. Unless and until informants can trust local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office to protect them, their anonymity, their location, their family, we’ll continue to get bad information. We’ll continue spinning our wheels with low level offenders, medicinal marijuana users and the like, rather than using our resources to take out the real drug dealers, those who continue to victimize and erode the integrity of our community.

Sarah Yacoub