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Letter to the editor for April 6, 2017

Democrats Against Abortion

Dear Editor,

Politicians work so hard to keep us divided. They tell those on one side of the abortion issue that those on the other side don’t value the sanctity of human life. While there may be a few wing nuts out there, by in large, Democrats recognize the sanctity of human life and want to reduce abortions.

The two sides differ on the ultimate question of legality as the answer to reducing abortions. One side would say that it should be illegal, period, end of story. The other side doesn’t want the government involved and regulations getting in the way of doctors’ judgement. History tells us that after abortion became legal with Roe v. Wade, the numbers of abortions fell dramatically. History also tells us that illegalizing abortion doesn’t end them it just pushes women, almost always poor women, into back allies.

Personally, I look to scripture for guidance. While I don’t profess to have the answers, the following verses stand out to me: John 13:34-35, which commands us to love one another; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 defines love; Proverbs 30:5-6 warns against adding our own words to those of God; Proverbs 3:5 tells us not to rely on our own understanding but rather lean on the Lord.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.” Presumably, we can all agree that the adoption process should be less expensive and streamlined such that it’s a realistic option. All mothers should have healthcare so that they can carry and birth a healthy baby. All children should have healthcare such that they don’t come into this world only to be deprived of care and die. Perhaps we can come together to work to preserve the sanctity of life, the principle we all seem to share.

Sarah Yacoub